Teach your dog to find your lost keys!

A priceless skill that could save you time & money

I used to misplace my keys on a daily basis. While this was annoying, it didn't send me into the panic I experienced if I lost my keys outside of the house. The worst place I lost them was on a dog walk through glorious woodland. I had no idea when I lost them so had to retrace my steps (as well as I could remember them through the myriad of paths and avenues!) to try to find them. That was when I wished I'd taught my dog to find my keys. It would be so much easier, faster and she could be more thorough and cover way more ground than me. And that's the day I decided to take action and teach my dog this invaluable skill.

Since then I have shared my method for finding lost keys at a major conference (Woof 2017) and with many of my fellow scent workers. And now I've put together a comprehensive and detailed account of each part of the process. With video footage, you can follow me step by step as I demonstrate how to teach your dog how to sniff out your lost keys, and more! Using my simple, logical and effective training, you can teach your dog something that's not just fun, but super useful and practical.

What's in the box?

This course includes detailed video presentations on how to teach your dog to pick up the keys and then to search for them. Plus I show you how to teach your dog to find any object you might lose. You get online and downloadable course notes and a graded quiz to ensure your learning is on track. On completion you qualify to receive a graduation certificate.

keys on keyring
Find your lost keys
your lost phone

even your lost inhaler

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Emergency back-up

No more worrying about who to call or what to do if your car key falls out of your pocket. Or panicking that you've lost your inhaler, or your child's inhaler, on a walk. Or being unable to call anyone because you've lost your phone.

With this course you might just teach your dog the most valuable skill ever!