This bundle will take you and your dog from complete novices to seasoned scentworkers. Plus, by enrolling on our 5 core course bundle you will save £££££!

I will help you work through each course through lectures, videos, downloadable handouts and graded quizzes. And before you know it, you will have turned your pet dog into a detector dog.

In this bundle you will learn how:

  • to motivate your dog
  • to select the best type of target for your dog
  • to prepare scented articles
  • to reward your dog
  • to introduce the cue to start working
  • to move during starter searches
  • to spot indications
  • to respond to your dog’s indications
  • to set up starter searches
  • to free search
  • to use free search protocols
  • the dog’s nose works
  • scent works
  • scent moves and flows
  • to understand scent pictures
  • to assess risk
  • to select a search harness
  • to use a search harness
  • to conduct a directed search
  • to use directed search protocols
  • to understand search plans
  • to use a search plan
  • to search corners
  • to search perimeters
  • to search interiors
  • to search for multiple finds
  • to search denser, larger areas
  • to work with various materials
  • to reduce the scent picture
  • to use layers
  • to use blank searches
  • to search outdoors
  • to search rucksacks, suitcases and baggage
  • to set out line-ups
  • to observe and understand the exact location of small finds
  • to enhance air flow
  • to search postal sacks
  • to understand the properties of postal sack contents
  • to use baggage search protocols
  • to understand the elements of a search
  • to design searches to fit your dog, your goals, your time, your environment

Save over £80 with this bundle

(compared to buying each course separately)