Take your search area with you!

Nowhere to train? No time to set up searches? Keep your dog busy and engaged with vehicle searches. Instant, compact but interesting search areas that travel with you!

Search specific skills are a great way to add to your scentwork skillset and have even more fun working with your dog. Vehicle searches provide a great first outdoor search for your dog. And help you learn how to read your dog. As the air movement around the vehicles changes the scent picture, so you will learn how best to respond to your dog.

This course will teach you and your dog how to search vehicles systematically, safely and successfully. Learning the search plan on a car allows you to search any vehicle, and gives your dog more opportunities to have fun sniffing in new and unexpected search areas. As a handler, being in the right place at the right time can make or break a search. So get rid of the guesswork and learn how to get it right from the start. Watch me walk you through each part of the vehicle search, explaining everything as I go.

An remember, the huge benefit in searching vehicles is that you can do it wherever you may be. You don't need lots of equipment or space. You just need your car, your dog, some scented articles and off you go!

What's in the box?

This course includes a detailed video presentation, online and downloadable course notes and a graded quiz to ensure your learning is on track. On completion you qualify for a graduation certificate.

Most importantly, you will get a dog who is a more confident scent worker and understands the value of listening to you. You will be able to search any vehicle using the search routines learned here. Your observational skills will improve as will your understanding of canine body language. You'll learn how to communicate with your dog better than before which is the basis for an even stronger relationship.

spaniel in red coat searches horse carriage
Search carriages . . .
golf buggies . . .
tractors and more

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Fascinating scent

I love how scent moves and travels in vehicle searches. These vehicular search areas are unique. Scent can travel 360 degrees around the vehicle in every direction. Your dog can hit the scent at any point during the search, not just when she is right at the hide. This makes these searches endlessly interesting.

And challenging. Vehicle searches may look straightforward but they are anything but. I will teach you how to set out searches according to your team's skill level. I'll show you the protocol that will give you great search success. And I'll help you understand what your dog is telling you about the target scent.